Kings typically enjoy living in luxury. They have servants who take care of the everyday activities of life that most of us have to do. Things like cooking, cleaning, watching the children, driving, shopping and sewing. But not all Kings want to be served. One King, one was was born King, came not to be served but to serve others. He came not only to serve by healing, teaching and giving, but He came to serve Himself up to death on a cross.

This man, God in the flesh, said to His Father in Heaven “SEND ME”. Humans were lost in their sin. Men and women and children had failed to live up to the standards of law given by God. God said “do not steal”, but humans stole. God said “do not commit adultery”, but men and women committed adultery. God said “do not lie”, but we have all lied. Humans have all sinned against God’s laws. If you are a human, you have sinned against God. It’s a part of being human. So how then could humans be saved and go to heaven? How could humans have their sins forgiven? God gave humans laws to follow and said “follow these and you will go to heaven”. But we have all failed to follow the laws, each of us has broken them. And according to God’s logic, according to the deal given to us, we cannot go to heaven for following the law because we have all failed to follow it. Trying to follow the law has only served to show us that humans are incapable of fulfilling the law of God.

But from heaven Christ the Messiah cried out, “SEND ME!”.

A human body was prepared for the Christ. Blood, life and limbs. A human body was prepared for the King of Heaven to come down to earth. Imagine, God coming down from heaven in the body of a man to visit His creation, and to die for them on the cross. The deal had been made. God the Father would prepare a body for God the Son, also know as the Christ. The Christ would come to earth in a human body to serve Himself up as a sacrifice to God, a sacrifice for sin. And then, the angel Gabriel who stands in the presence of God said to the virgin Mary, “behold, you will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you shall call Him Jesus.” And the angel Gabriel went on to say, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power fo the Most High will overshadow you, and for that reason the Holy child in you shall be called the Son of God.”

Wise men came from the east. They came to Jerusalem asking, “Where is he who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have to worship Him.” Imagine, men from the east came to worship the King of the Jews. They had seen His star in the Heavens. They were not Jews, they were Gentiles. Yet God had revealed to them through the wisdom of His Spirit that the Saviour of the world was to be born in Bethlehem.

The wise men came to worship the King in the body of a baby. God’s ways are not our ways, and His thought are not our thoughts. Jesus was born a King and He came to serve, He came to serve His body on the cross as a sacrifice for sin. Later we read that this baby Jesus grows up to be a man. At the age of about 33 he says, “No one takes my life from me but I lay it down willingly.” In other words, Jesus said, “no one is going to force me to die, but I the King, lay down my life, my body, upon the cross, willingly.” Jesus Christ served up His own body on the cross so that He could be lifted up on that cross, exposed for all the world to see, willingly waiting for the wrath of God to be poured out upon Him for the punishment of the sins of the world.

Men, women and children have tried to work their way into heaven by following the commandments, rules and regulations given to us by God. The have tried to get into heaven by being good. But no matter how hard they try they continue in their sin, they cannot stop. They lie, use foul language, and lust after things. And so God proved to them by giving them laws to follow that humans are sinners, because if their were no laws how would we know we are sinners? People cannot get into heaven by following God’s laws, they are required to be forgiven. This is why Christ said “SEND ME, I will go.” Jesus Christ had to die on the cross. Many people believe that by trying their best at being good it is good enough for God, but it’s not. Is it good enough that an athlete tries as hard as he can to jump over the high jump bar? Of course not, he has to jump over or clear the bar in order for the jump to count.

Do you think God’s standards are lower than the Olympic standards? Of course not. If an athlete does not jump over the high jump bar, an Olympic judge will not tell an athlete, “that’s ok, I understand, you tried your best and you failed. We will count the jump as good.” No, the jump doesn’t count, and either do all the works we do in order to try to get into heaven. They just don’t count. In terms of righteousness, God’s behaviour and moral character is as high to us as the heavens are from the earth. Do you honestly think that your sin plagued life and behaviour gets you anywhere near God’s righteousness or approval? It doesn’t.

But, but, but. God sent his Son in the body of man, and this man Jesus Christ did fulfill the commandments of the law. He never sinned. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was the only man who never, not once, broke God’s law or sinned in any way. How could He, He was God in the flesh. He was the perfect man. Perfectly Holy. Perfectly godly. Perfect, pure in every conceivable way. He won the competition. The Devil and all his temptations could not cause Jesus Christ to stop worshipping and following the Father. The Devil and all the power given to him could not force Jesus Christ to curse God the Father or turn away from the will of God. Sin and its ugliness and temptation could not get Jesus Christ to ever, even for a second, to fall into sin. Jesus Christ won! He won the battle against sin and the Devil. He completed and fulfilled the entire will and Law of God, and on this basis. Jesus Christ never sinned. But not only did Jesus Christ fulfill the law by never sinning, He also died for our sins. The righteous died for the unrighteous, the Just died for the unjust. When Christ said to the Father, “SEND ME”, Christ knew that He would have to live a sinless life on earth in the the body of a man and then be punished for our sins. Jesus Christ was and is the sinless, spotless, Lamb of God.

In the Old Testament the ancient Jewish religious leaders would have to take a spotless lamb and bring it to the temple. The priest was then to bring the lamb to the altar. The priest would place his hands on the lamb and would pray that the sins of the people be transported onto the lamb. Once that was done the priest would take a knife and slit the throat of the lamb. The lamb’s blood would spill out and the animal would die. The lamb was sacrificed for the sins of the people. God’s anger against the people would subside, it would be appeased, but the animal died. Why did the priest sacrifice the animal? Simply because God told him to through the laws and teachings given to men. The Israelites were commanded to sacfrice animals for the forgiveness of sins. God says that the punishment for sin is death. The reward we get for committing sins is death. The wages of sin is death. But not simply physical death, no, that is not enough to satisfy God’s anger and wrath against sin. God wrath against sin is only satisfied when the sinner is sent to live forever in hell.

Jesus Christ said, “Unless you believe in me you will die in your sins.”

The angel Gabriel told Mary that a child would be born to her and that she was to give the child the name Jesus, because Jesus would save His people from their sins. So when Jesus said “SEND ME!”, He was saying, “send me and place the sins of my people on me, and punish me for their sins. I don’t deserve to die but because I am perfect I have the right to die because I have never sinned and don’t deserve to be punished. I have never sinned against your law. I want to die for the sins of my people so that I may save them from their sins, because their sins will lead them to eternal death and suffering and hell, and I want to free them from that sufferering. So SEND ME to die on the cross for the sins of the world.”

And so, this King, the One who came down from heaven and was given the body of a man ultimately carried our sins upon Himself to the cross where He died for ours sins.

© Somali Christian Ministries, 2018