Somali Christian Ministries keeps all donor and seeker information private and confidential. Under no circumstances will we share donor or seeker information with other parties.

Our priority for seeker and contact confidentiality has enabled SCM to become a trusted resource for Somali seekers and Somali Christians. They can contact us knowing that their identity will not be compromised.

Reaching Somalis for SCM is a discreet, covert operation. We are a virtual ministry so that Somalis do not have to enter a physical building and be seen by other Somalis. Secret rendezvous, alias email addresses, and fake names are all part of our sophisticated outreach.

Once we have gained a Somalis trust we can move forward with evangelism, baptism and discipleship.

If you would like to help us out you can always make a donation. Or, you can help reach Somalis by emailing us and we can provide you with some SCM business cards that you can discreetly give out to Somali contacts, or leave in places you know a Somali will find them. These cards promote the website