We believe that reaching Somalis is best done by sowing the seed in a peaceful, private context. Somalis can listen and read material on our website when and where they feel comfortable. Somalis can email us using a fake email address so that they can protect their true identity (we recommend this procedure). Somalis can phone us using a hidden phone number. They can Skype us and turn off the video. There are many ways we can witness and reach Somalis secretly and keep their identity hidden even from us. This has gained SCM a lot of respect and trust within the Somali community.

Reaching a Somali in a public setting, especially where they can be seen by other Somalis, is a risky business. Once a Somali is seen with a Christian, especially if that Christian is an evangelist, makes the Somali seeker a target for persecution and insult, and possibly even injury (we have seen this happen). That is why SCM has chosen to be a virtual ministry. It protects the sheep Christ is calling into His fold.

SCM does not believe in debating. We are only interested in speaking to Somalis who are seeking Christ and want to know more about the Bible. If a Somali starts to insult or mock our beliefs, we kindly and respectfully tell them that we are not interested in arguing or debating. We wipe our feet and move on.

Here are some of the things SCM does and does not do:

1. We do not take photographs or selfies with our Somali contacts.
2. We do not allow others to take photographs of us.
3. We do not use our real names and encourage new seekers not to use theirs.
4. We baptize Somali converts in a secret, invitation only, private baptismal service (no photographs permitted).
5. We do not encourage Somali seekers or new converts to go to our churches until they are ready.
6. We do not witness to a Somali in a public setting so that we do not make that seeker a target.
7. We never use a Somalis real name, but use an alias in emails, phone calls, and prayer newsletters.
8. We never introduce a Somali Christian or seeker to anyone using their real name.
9. We do not insult Islam or their Holy book.
10. If we get persecuted it is because we are proclaiming Christ and His Kingdom.
11. We do not give out Somali Christian contact info to anyone.