My husband’s testimony for his baptism tonight 08-05-2011: Hallelujah Thank you Jesus.

I was born and raised as a Muslim. I’m married and a father of two. We were normal Muslims, who used to follow Islamic teachings. In Islam, I have to rely on my good deeds and there was no hope no certainty no relationship with Allah, just a lot of fear. The only confirmation to go to Paradise was to die for Allah, through killing other people which is called Jihad. Still we have to follow without question.

We were Muslims until 5 years ago, when my wife became a Christian through having dreams about Jesus. Leaving Islam means to be persecuted and I was concerned about the consequences. I advised her to think about her decision. However, she was 100% committed to follow Jesus. After that, we had many arguments because I couldn’t understand why she was putting all of us in danger. In the end, after a lot of arguments, I accepted her as a Christian but I told her to leave the children alone and let them make their own decisions when they’re grown up.

After a while, her family found out about the fact she’s a Christian. They tried their best to take her back to Islam. When they couldn’t do that, they tried to persuade me to leave her and take the kids with me or even kill her. And that is what Islam orders to do. Her mother told me that as well. If I don’t implement the Islamic laws then I’m not a true Muslim. It was the turning point for me to think about Islam. How could my religion state for me to kill my own wife? I thought it was wrong.

As time went on, my wife grew in her faith. She became a different person. I was surprised how she was praying, forgiving and being very patient to me when i was against her believe. She became more loving, caring and very happy.

In the meanwhile, my children also became followers of Christ. I didn’t know until one night when they asked if they could go to church with their mum. That night, I was so shocked and angry. I couldn’t believe that has happened to me. I remember shouting and screaming because I didn’t know what to do.

I felt as if I was alone as the only Muslim in the family. I threatened to leave them. When I said that, my children started crying and they kept begging me to not leave. They however couldn’t deny Jesus. My daughter even said that Jesus said if she denies him in front of people, He will deny her in front of the father. She said this when she was 13 year old and I was so surprised. That touched my heart but I couldn’t say anything and slept downstairs.

In the morning, I don’t know what happened to me, but I just decided to accept them and let them go with their mum to church. They even got baptized here at this church in 2008.

One day my wife handed me the Bible and advised me to read. But it isn’t allowed for a Muslim to read the Bible because they believe it is corrupt and has been changed many times. Somehow, I got feeling to read the Bible and my wife challenged me to find any contradiction, anything bad or wrong in the Bible. When I started reading the Bible, I had two major issues to find out: The corruption of the Bible and The deity of Jesus Christ.

Whilst I was reading the Bible, I fell in love with it and the word of God began working in me and his love was touching my heart. Then I realized the Bible is the true word of God as it was filled with God’s love, forgiveness and salvation. I couldn’t stop reading it. I found all the answers of my questions in the holy bible.

After that I stopped doing anything to do with Islam but started consistently to pray on my own way to the God who created me and this world to show me his right way.

In the beginning of last year my wife asked me to come along to Church just to see how they worship. She used to always ask me every week but I always said no. I finally decided to say yes and I was only going to see what they do.

As soon as I entered this Church, I felt warmth and a nice atmosphere .I felt as if I belonged here. The worship songs were amazing and the service was wonderful. I felt so much love that I never felt before. From then on, I was coming every Sunday although I wasn’t a Christian yet.

One day in November 2010, I asked God to show me a sign of what to believe because I was so confused. A voice inside me told me to open the Bible randomly and I read the title “The unbelieving people warned” Joh 8:21-28. Especially verse 24 and I read. John 8:24 That is why I said that you will die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am who I say I am, you will die in your sins.”

At that very moment I was both amazed and surprised how God was so quick to give me an answer.

That was a confirmation. After that day, I surrendered to the only true God and decided to give my life to Jesus Christ. My life completely changed. I see the world through different eyes. I became a different person filled with love and happiness. Jesus has brought love and harmony to my family and I have constant relationship with him. Everything I do I do for Jesus.

Jesus died for me on the cross. He washed away all my sins. It’s a free gift. Now, I have hope through Jesus Christ. Eph 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,

Now I know where I’m spending eternity. Thank you my Lord and Saviour Jesus Chris I will follow you and worship you to the rest of my life. Thanks for reading my testimony and God bless you all.

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