Greetings to you brother,

I confess that it is a brave step for a man in my position to write to you. Please understand that I prefer not to give my real name or other personal information because the penalty for me in Islamic law is simply “death”.

I was born and raised in a conservative Somali muslim family. I can’t be muslim. I have known this from the first time I ever understood the basics of Islamic Sharia law.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord as a conclusion of my deep and continues learning about HIM. That was several years ago. It has been my secret for all these years. I’ve tried to hide my faith because I did not want to become a target for persecution. I know that I am a Christian because I gave my heart to Jesus Christ and I adore to know HIM more and more and HE is making me stronger every day. I still have lot to learn.

I believed from my first days as a believer that my journey to him would be long. I choose Jesus. I have chosen to live for him, the only light of hope that lightened my dark and sinful life.

I just want to know, am I so special?.

It is hard to be a Christian in Somalia. There are so few of us and we are very persecuted in our country. Yes, it is hard to be a Somali christian, you are lonley, your life is in great danger, and you cannot dare to show your true self or you will die.

I pray that the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, give you HIS peace.

Your brother, Jamal

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