A Somali Christian

Hello ..

I am John a Somali. A little while ago I started to become confused about Islam and I was having problems because of my faith. I asked a lot of questions and I didn’t get the right answers until I began searching for the truth. And I can say I got some answers as soon as I started looking.

The question I had had mostly to do with the purpose of my life and why my country of Somalia was suffering so much while many other people in the world had stable lives. Most blessed countries were located in the West. What was making me most sick about the anarchy and civil war in my country was that we the people of Somalia are of the same nationality; and the same religion which I was born into – Islam.
Until now my country is in a civil war, we are fighting each other. So I started searching for the causes of our problems. I found that our problems came from what we believe especially tribalism, and until we change that we can’t have a good life and live like other normal human beings. All of my life I have been raised as a muslim and I realized that this religion has very strong rules which make people suffer. And the Christians had their God Jesus, he sacrificed his life to his people live in peace. And that’s what makes the difference: the one who cares about people must sacrifices alot and work in their favour.

That’s not the only thing. I found out that Islam through their laws and history used the sword to convince people to be on their side. While the Christians throughout history until now use peaceful methods to show people the love of God. They let human beings have the choice to decide what’s best for their own lives. I have seen that in Somalia.

I had a lot of questions and got some answers through searching for Christ. I decided to go to church and have attended masses and lectures which makes me realize that this is the life I want. I believe that the Spirit guided me to choose peace and spread the word of God to his people to make changes. Jesus loves and trusts me and I will not disappoint him. He didn’t disappoint us because he sacrificed his life because of our sins and I think it’s time for my people back in Somalia or wherever they are to realize this truth so that we can be like other people in the world. People who have faith in Jesus and live with the Bible to guide them to the Light.

No matter what will happen to me I will sacrifice my life for Jesus. If it means I die, if that’s necessary, then I will follow that path, after all that’s the path that Jesus want us to follow.

I was shocked to find the website www.somalichristians.org. To see this website made me comfortable. I finally saw that I have real brothers and sisters in Christ who are Somalis. I am not alone, I am not the only one. We share the same religion and faith. That’s what makes me know that I am alone inside millions of muslims..

I hope you pray for me, whoever you are. I believe that you are my brother or sister in Christ and you will ask Jesus to take away the blindness and sufferings of my Somali people and make our lives be normal.

God bless you !!

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