I came to America in the late 90’s from Arabia with my family to settle and live and start a new life in this wonderful country. I remember my mom telling me that America is full sin and that Americans were sinners and had left God’s grace. My mom grouped homosexuals, criminals, and other low-lives with Christians.

Even before I came to the United States I wasn’t practicing my faith properly. I had alot of questions about Islam and I never dared asked my parents in fear that they would label me a Christian. My first few days living in the States made me wonder about Christ and I started asking questions. I went from church to church asking different people about Christianity and asking them who Jesus Christ was. I started to believe but just before I was settling in our new place we had to move to another state. There, I started college and it was there I met a group of Christian youth who told me about Christ.

I drilled them with questions and they answered all my questions with a smile. I prayed to God that night that He would show me the right way. When I was satisfied I started to believe in Christ’s greatness. One day I had a miracle bestow upon me. I was jogging by a schoolyard when I saw a man in white from the corner of my eyes with his hands out open like he was trying to accept me. For a split second I looked up and saw the man disappear. I stopped and wondered if that was a sign from God that he was blessing me for my decision to believe in Christ. That day I prayed with a pastor and I accepted Christ with all my heart and now I am waiting to get baptized in my friend’s church.

My muslim brothers and sisters should not be afraid to question their beliefs and find answers because now I have peace in my heart knowing that when I die I will be with the Lord in heaven.

God bless, Michael

(Michael is a Somali Christian whose name has been changed to protect his identity – SCM)

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