I am not sure where to begin. Let me tell you first that I have been in contact with SCM for more than a year now, but before that I use to read the website and did so for a long time.

The truth is I have always been wondering how many Somalis are there out there who share the same faith like me – I mean my Christian faith in HIM and believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. And it makes me feel really grateful that I have been able to find SCM so that I can see that there are Somali Christians out there who share with me the same country, the same language and the same culture and who have already succeeded in finding the truth about Jesus.

I really hope that one day we can all gather together and share our joy about our wonderful salvation and Saviour. It was Jesus who helped us to find peace with God and break down our hard hearts and guide us into the truth. We are a chosen people in our country and race and we can help our people to know the truth and save them from the path of evil.

Everyone out there – starting with you – has a responsibility to find out the truth for themselves from the depths of their heart. We all have a responsibility to see what the truth is and to tell others to follow it. Don’t wait. Don’t be afraid. Get out and say what you think and what you believe. I know that you are lonely and afraid that your family is going to abandon you, that they are going to leave you or even hurt you. Well remember my brother or sister Jesus was lonely too when he first started his teachings, even some of His own disciples left him and abandoned him. Most people called Him crazy, they even tried to hurt Him, but what did He do?

Did He cry and stop His teaching? Did He pay money and ask people to stop hurting and abusing Him? Did He leave and run away!?!

No, He stayed. He continued and He was strong. And look at the results. We are all His followers. Most of humankind is following His teaching because it’s the right one and because He never turned back and stopped. That’s how you know what is real and true. The truth will keep you going on and on. Your faith will help you build that great wall of defence that you can use against any evil minded person or threat or against those who try to misguide you.

Whenever you feel lonely, whenever you feel that nobody is with you in this world, whenever you feel that everyone around you is doing and believing some different faith, that they see you a stranger, well you are not alone, you are not a stranger to God, God is always there for you, He can hear you and listen to you, that’s what Jesus did. Look at this wonderful word of god:

Matthew 14:23 “after He had dismissed them, He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray.” And “When evening came, He was there alone. But He Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” ( Luke 5:16).

You can always pray and share your feelings with God, He will never abandon you, He can hear you and He knows your heart. Open your heart to Him and let Him into your life. Stop thinking negatively and thinking that you are alone and that nobody is with you. You can proudly say, “God is with me”, He is the one who created all things and He even created those who are giving you your salary, He created your father, mother, your family, they can’t do anything without Him. And once He knows that you are a true child, He will help you and guide you, no one will ever hurt you, but be careful, don’t try to cheat him, He will test you!

Don’t use your own personal agenda when it comes to faith and God. This is your own life but God is your creator and you are dealing with Him. Trust Him and open up to Him. He will help you and give you salvation. And on the day of Judgment He will save you and He will bring you into the place called paradise. And He will give you even more in this current life and in this current world because you believe in HIM. He will give you peace, understanding, you will have a mature character, He will open your eyes and you will know the reality about things, things that matter most. You will leave the delusion of your life, the deceit of evil, you will beat the devil, your life will be totally new and you will be a new human being!

Yes, I can proudly announce to all Somalis out there, come and join us, come find the truth, stop the blindness that our people are going through, that our country has suffered, support SCM because they helped people like me find the truth, they helped me to learn that we can always handle ourselves and discover the truth, because the truth is within the reach of your hand wherever you are, you don’t need to go to anywhere, just find the truth where you are. But, if you are not willing to pray alone, to open your heart and cry out to God, if you are not willing to do that nobody can help you understand. You have to seek God for yourself.

I would love to hug all my brothers out there and share with them the words of God, whomever is reading what I am writing today please pray, pray that we all know the truth, pray that we stay strong, pray for SCM for their efforts for they are endless.

Thank you.

© Somali Christian Ministries, 2018