Somali Christian Ministries (SCM) does not share any kind of information about those contacting us with anyone. Every contact with SCM is secret, private and confidential. SCM understands the need for private and confidential communications between us and anyone contacting us.

SCM encourages seekers and Somali Christians to use an alias, a made up email address, to conceal their identity. The use of a alias name is encouraged.

SCM does not publish or give out the private and confidential contact information of anyone contacting us. Nor does SCM require you to give us your real name. Using a fake name will make you feel secure and keep you from getting afraid.

SCM realizes that the personal identity of seekers and Somali Christians, and others, has to remain private and confidential. SCM realizes that the location of anyone contacting us must also remain private and confidential. Therefore it is a policy of Somali Christian Ministries to never give out personal contact information about anyone contacting us.