I want to talk to you today about tomorrow. 

Jesus said: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, there are enough troubles for your to deal with today.”

Jesus is saying that we have enough issues and problems to deal with today we don’t have to start worrying about things that have to be done or that are going to happen tomorrow. 

Jesus said: “Why worry about tomorrow. You’re worrying cannot change a thing.”

Jesus is saying that “worrying” is a waste of time. “Worrying” doesn’t have any power to change something or to do something good. So why should we worry? Worrying is like trying to light a match in a windstorm, no matter how hard to try you can never do it. So why bother trying? Jesus is saying: why bother worrying? It doesn’t help.

For most of us tomorrow is going to come. We will go to sleep and wake up tomorrow. Whether we worry or not, tomorrow is likely going to appear. 

Jesus knew he was going to be nailed to the cross. The night before He was arrested and then condemned to die on the cross, Jesus went to pray. He asked His Father: “If it is possible take this cup away from me.” 

Jesus was asking His Father that if there was some other way to save mankind from their sins, other than Him having to go to the cross, then Jesus wanted that to happen. But Jesus knew there was no other way, and He told His Father that He was willing to go to the cross and suffer the consequences and pain of dying on the cross for our sins. 

Jesus was not worried about going to the cross. He knew that He would suffer tomorrow. He was in the garden praying and He knew that tomorrow would bring suffering and pain. But Jesus was also looking forward to another tomorrow. He was looking forward to the day that we would all be in heaven because Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. 

The Bible says: “For the joy set before Him Jesus was able to go to the cross and suffer and die for ours sins.”

Maybe you’re a Somali Christian. Maybe you’re just worried about tomorrow. Maybe you haven’t told anyone you are a Christian. Maybe you haven’t been baptized even though you know Jesus says that you should be baptized if you are a Christian. 

Maybe you’re worried about persecution and about getting insulted and treated badly because you no longer believe what others want you to believe. Maybe your family is getting suspicious that you are a Christian and you are starting to feel some heat because of it. 

The Bible says that we are purified in the fiery furnace of suffering and persecution. James says: “Count it all joy when you are persecuted and insulted in many ways because through the suffering your faith will grow, and so will your perseverance.”

A Somali Christian recently told me that unless there is persecution our faith will not grow. Muscles only grow and get stronger when they are worked. People who lie in bed because they are sick have their muscles get weak and thin. They lose weight. They call it atrophy. 

Body builders go to the gym and work out hard. When they work out their muscles actually tear a bit and then the regrow and rebuild even bigger and stronger. The same is with our faith. 

When we are challenged our faith gets hit. But as we trust in the Lord and pray and move forward with our lives our faith gets stronger. When we are attacked by the problems of this world and we turn to God in prayer and trust in Him, our faith gets stronger. We see God answer our prayers. 

Here is the key: don’t give in to your problems and your fears and your worries. Turn to God in prayer and trust in Him that He is going to help you with whatever problem you have going on in your life right now. And as you give it to God stop worrying and start trusting in Him. 

God wants us to live a stress free and worry free life because he knows that is the best way for us to live and that is the way to live that will give us the most joy and peace and satisfaction. 

So let’s all stop worrying about tomorrow by trusting in God today.