Here is a movie about the life of Jesus in the Somali language. Enjoy!

Aminas testimony

Esthers testimony

Faiths testimony

Kamils testimony

Waa kuma Ciise Masiix? (Q 1aad)

Waa kuma Ciise Masiix (Q 2aad)

Maryams testimony

Michaels testimony

Omars testimony

Shanis testimony

Yusufs testimony

Shinos testimony

Somali Masiixi markhaati furka Faduma

Ducada nabadda

A Link to Somali Christians saying there are Somali Christians in the world. (don’t worry it is in English after the first minute or so).

A Link to a movie about the Life of Jesus in the Somali language


A Muslim’s Conversion to Christianity

A Lebanese Muslim accepts Christ

Teatime in Mogadishu: A book written by a Somali Christian

I Against My Brother: A Somali’s Story

An encouraging conversion story

Live your Life for God Now!

This message was recorded by Dave a few months before he died. Remember, none of knows the day or the hour that we will pass on into eternity. So live your life for God now, you will make such a difference.