When you become a Christian this is a decision that you made on your own. Maybe someone told you about Jesus; or maybe you read the Bible and learned about God; or maybe you had a dream or several dreams and you decided to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and invite Jesus Christ into your life.

Now that you have become a Christian you cannot let the elders decide your fate: you cannot accept Jesus Christ into your heart and become born again and then go and ask your elders what you should do. They are not Christians; they are not following the Holy Spirit; they do not believe that the Bible is the Word of God. So how can you ask them for advice and direction? They will only tell you to give up your faith in Jesus Christ and return to the religion of your elders. They will tell you that you are crazy, that you have lost your mind; that you are going to hell because you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.

The need to get baptized

After you become a Christian you will very soon learn that the Bible is the most important book in your life. You will learn that each and every time you have a problem or a difficulty you will pray and turn to the Bible you get your answers. It does not matter what kind of problem or difficulty you are having; the Bible is the book that you need to read to find your answers.

And the Bible says: “Believe and be baptized.” The Bible doesn’t say believe and do not be baptized. The Bible says, and so God says, “Believe and be baptized.” The Bible doesn’t say be baptized but do not believe in Jesus; the Bible says believe and be baptized – they are to 2 B’s of the Bible – Believe and Be Baptized.

The elders and your clan will probably tell you: Do not believe in Jesus Christ; and do not be baptized. They will probably also tell you: do not believe that the Bible is from God. They will probably also tell you: Jesus did not die on the cross. All these things are the foundations of Christianity; they are the four walls upon which the house is built:

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

Be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is the Word of God and every Word came from God.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins.

These are the things that give you peace; these are the things that give you joy. And you are right in believing them. They are true just as God Himself is true. There is no changing with the Lord. He is true. He always was true and He always will be true.

Listen to Jesus

Jesus died for all the tribes and clans of the world; Jesus died for all the nations of Africa and the people’s of the world. Jesus died for everyone; everyone is free and allowed to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. God desires that all men be saved; He doesn’t want anyone to perish or go to hell.

Jesus died for the Galgale and the Bantu. Jesus does not look at the color of your skin when you ask Him to come into your hearts; He looks for a heart that is sorry for the sins that it has committed and for a person who wants to be forgiven of their sins and who wants to put their trust in the Lord. Jesus doesn’t look at what clan you came from when you come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no special place for any one clan in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ – we are all brothers and sisters who belong to the clan and tribe of Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter if you were born into a clan that runs the government of any particular country or is you come from a clan that is the lowest in reputation in all of Africa. Jesus Christ died for you. Jesus is looking for people who know that they are sinners and who know that they are in need of salvation.

Jesus died for all tribes

Daarood, Dir, Isaaq, Hawiye, Digil, Rahanwiin – Jesus died for all the tribes of the world. And yes Jesus even died for the Saab.

Now the Saab are very interesting clan in Somalia. They are quite an interesting tribe that has had many problems in Somalia. The Saab clan had so many problems that they started to pretend to be a part of another clan just so that people would not want to kill them.

The Saab became imposters and pretended to be born into one clan when really they were not from that clan. The Saab have memorized the genealogies of other clans so that when they are asked who their father or great great grandfather was they are able to tell people their ancestors. But the Saab are just that, imposters; they are phonies; they are pretenders.

You cannot pretend with God

Maybe your elders tell you: “Listen, we know that you are a Christian. But if you do not tell anyone, and if you do not go to church, if you do not read your Bible, or talk about Jesus, or pray to Him – then we will let you stay in our clan and marry someone and live with us.”

You think about this and say to yourself: “That sounds like a good idea. I can still believe in Jesus Christ in my heart and keep my clan.”

But with God you cannot be an imposter: when you become a son or daughter of the Most High God He owns you completely. You are His slave and servant and you must obey Him and never deny Him. There is nothing more dangerous that to turn away from the Lord Jesus Christ and tell other people you do not believe in Him when you do believe in Him. That is called denying Jesus Christ.

You have become a son or daughter of the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus has said: “Follow me.” He did not say “Follow your elders.”

Jesus said that you must pick up your cross and follow Him. We must be ready to suffer and be persecuted for the Lord Jesus Christ; even if it means imprisonment, torture or death. Even if it means that your family will disown you and send you out into the desert. Even if it means that your family will not sponsor you to immigrate to a different country.

You must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in God your Father. You must believe and trust that God will help you and bless you in all that you do. You must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and live for God: Do not quench the fire of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you.

Live for God

My son had a friend who was about 22 years old. This young man Dave was a wonderful man and loved Jesus Christ with all his heart, all his soul, all strength and mind. Dave said He wanted to live for Jesus; he didn’t want to wait till he was old to follow the Lord; he wanted to live for the Lord. He said that if he waited till he was old he would have a shell of a life that could have been. Dave said he didn’t want to grow old and look back on his life and say “I wish that I would have served the Lord more; I wished I would followed Him more.”

Then one day on his was back from school Dave was in a car accident and he died instantly. His life was taken. His father was a pastor; they had other children as well. Dave’s life ended so quickly; he had all these dreams and desires that were in his heart and he was living for God.

Do wait to live for God! Don’t wait to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Today, if you hear His voice accept Him into heart heart and soul. Today if you hear Him calling you to ask Him into your life, then ask Jesus Christ into your heart; ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and cleanse you and wash you with His blood so that all your sins will be forgiven and so that you will be born again made a new creation through the powerful new birth that the Holy Spirit can give you.

Stop fighting

Stop fighting and resisting God. So many Somalis have been fighting their whole lives against Somalis from other clans. But the time for that is coming to and end. Stop fighting God; stop resisting the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is Lord and one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Blessed are those who do that now.
Don’t wait until judgment day when it is too late. You won’t be able to say then “Jesus I am going to change my mind now.” No, you must take a stand for Jesus Christ here upon this earth so that you can enjoy peace and love and forgiveness in heaven after you die .

Jesus said: If you deny me here on earth I will deny you before my Father in heaven. So trust in the Lord today and speak up for Him today.


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