Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, may the peace and love of our faithful Lord be with you and fill you up this very moment. ameen

Doesn’t it not amaze you how wonderful our Lord is? How great his love is? It is impossible to describe this indescribable joy and peace I get whenever I come to Him, with all that I carry. Perhaps you have read this before but I will have to say it again. I never leave the presence of the Lord, the presence of the Holly Spirit, without carrying with me this indescribable joy and peace. Yes, indeed we serve a faithful Lord, unfailing never forgetting Lord. He never forgets us. NO matter how we feel, or which road life has taken. You are not forgoten. beloved ones, I write this more to myself than to any other person. And I share this with you as a note to think over and feel this amazing gift. The Lord is good, always.

Dear beloved, you are loved for YOU, not for what you do, not for what you say or what you have accomplished or have not accomplished in life. God loves you for YOU, simply because he is the ONE and HE is! The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. Jer. 31:3

I had a revelation last night! And I think that my christian life will never be the same again…ever! Last night I sat down to write some thoughts and feelings about things that have been going on lately… and instead I ended up writing a note of thanksgiving. I guess I was overwhelmed (still am) by how Loving God is. And as I wrote I started realizing that God loves me! It has nothing to do with me, at the same time everything to do with me! I know this sounds confusing, but please give me a chance to maybe explain…

You see, God loves me because HE is the ONE and HE is! He is able to love me and really LOVE me for who I am, because HE is the ONE and HE is! Still, it makes no sense eh? And yet there is nothing more clear than this simple fact: God loves me for He is LOVE. And beacuse He is Love, HE loves me because I am His! Created, designed and signed by Him. Because I am his, He loves me dearly. You see now? It has nothing to do with me: as if I have done something to earn or deserve his love, yet it has everything to do with me, for HE created me. I am his offspring. WOW. It has everything to do with Him for HE is the ONE that is. Wow, ‘For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ acts 17:28

You may wish read the thanksgiving note (below) that led me to this amazing understanding! and instead of thinking of me (Haawa) think of yourself, and read this to yourself. I pray that God may reveal to you darling sister/brother the secret of his LOVE. May You start feeling loved and cherished. And may you start loving yourself for only then will you truly be able to love the one next to you as your self:) God bless you

with love

your sister in Christ


The prayer/Thanksgiving note:

God, You are Faithful! Ever FAITHFUL! Through it all.

Lord I come to YOU again to be refilled! Cleanse me from within, Lord. I give you my sin, my tears and my laughter, please Lord forgive me for all I have done to turn against you. Lord give me a new heart, give me a heart that only only ADORES YOU, only lives for YOU. Lord teach me how to be more like YOU, LIKE YOU want me to be. LORD I pray may YOUR will be DONE in my LIFE again and AGAIN. For a life WITHOUT you is like living with an abusive person. Yes, it is like living with a person who should protect you but instead becomes the hyena that eats your flesh little by little each second. Lord! Life WITHOUT you is like breathing smoke from burning plastic and papers, with a huge blanket on you forcing you to breathe in the smoke and fire.

Oh Lord! Life WITH you is like being a child running around in a field with guardian angels around him to proctect him so that he won’t fall into danger. Living a life WITH you is like seeing wonders and miracles everyday every hour every mintue and knowing the Author of these doings! Lord life with you is like being tired and knowing where to go to find the exact rest one desires. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matt,11:28

Lord life with YOU is LIVING. Lord Thank You, Thank YOU thank YOU!

I cannot THANK you enough therefore I pray yes Lord I pray that I live only for you. Thank you, I love you Jesus for you have loved me first. Truly Loved me for who I am, and not for what I have done or not done. YOU have loved me for ME. Simply because you are YOU, it has nothing to do with me and at the same time all to do with me. It makes no sense yet there is nothing more clear than this. This simple fact that YOU LOVE ME because YOU are YOU, my LORD and Saviour Jesus, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, the Life, the Light the Way the Truth the Living Water the Living Bread, Comforter, Helper, Judge, Friend, GOD, Father Son Holy Spirit, HOLY YOU. Wow YOU are amazing amazing Creater overwhelming Power, mighty GOD, Father Son Holy Spirit, HOLY YOU. Wow.


I love YOU for you have loved me first, simply because you are YOU and YOU love me, for I AM yours! Yes, I belong to YOU, I came from YOU, created by YOU, so how would you not love me?! Of course you love me, for I am YOURS

Wow it all makes sense now! Perfect sense!

© Somali Christian Ministries, 2018